Brazilian singer and songwriter, and citizen of the world.


Zanna has released her first album after a 20 year plunge


The music on this album that reaches out to us through our sound speakers or headphones is something rare and bold in these times of so much predictability in the music scene. These are new songs, admirably fresh, even when inserted in the classic tradition of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB).

What is created is a comfort zone, ideal for those who dream and want to fly high with Zanna, singer and composer of all the tunes on the album.

In order to achieve this, Zanna sought the expertise of Moogie Canazio, record producer and engineer established in California for the past three and a half decades.

So, between the Rio (Visom Digital) and LA (East West) studios, alternating some of the best instrumentalists in action in both places, Zanna recorded this album much like her first one.

So familiar to the people in Rio and tourists passing through the city, but until now anonymous, the voice of the subway shows her musical face.

Attention. Hearts and minds are now opening to Zanna.

Antônio Carlos Miguel
Music Critic


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“Onde ficou aquele amor infinito de nós dois?” (Inverno) #ZannaOficial

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Zanna Live show!

Solar de Botafogo
November 11th, 2017
Solar de Botafogo
September 14th, 2017


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